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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding the transfer, sale and disposal of firearms are best answered by visiting the ATF website. Questions regarding Ohio CCW Law and Ohio Firearm laws are best answered by visiting the Ohio Attorney General’s website, or by reviewing the CCW Law with the help of an attorney.

For other FAQs, simply click on the question below to see the answer. A second click on the question will close that answer.

Can I use my own guns?

Yes. You can use your own handguns and long guns.

What do you charge for Firearm Transfers?

We have a flat rate of $40 for regular transfers. Class III Transfers
are $140. We reserve the right to charge more for your transfer if the forms are not completed correctly or there are problems with the transfer. (Please note: Transfers from CDNN Wholesale are $50 each.)

How much is it to rent a firearm?

Handguns start at $9.95 for the first rental and $6 per gun after that. The AR-15, AK47 and tactical shotgun rent for $19.95

Do I have to use your ammunition?

You only have to use our ammunition if it is our firearm. However, we do NOT allow any steel ammo in the range.  If it sticks to a magnet we cannot allow it on the range.

How old do you have to be to shoot?

You must be 18 years old to buy and/or shoot a long gun. You must be 21 to buy a handgun or purchase handgun ammo. If you are under the age limit you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian or spouse. In many cases you may accompany a family member not a parent with written permission from a parent.

Why can’t I shoot imported ammo such as Wolf or army surplus?

The brand of ammo you shoot is not important to us. We do not allow ammunition that has any steel in it. Steel damages the downrange equipment more than lead. Steel is also not recyclable. Getting it mixed in with the lead and brass we recycle contaminates it.

What are your hours?
Can I shoot black powder guns?

Sorry, we cannot allow black powder as the residue is too flammable and it clogs up the filters too rapidly.

What are the range rules?

Click on this link to see the range rules.

What is my gun worth?

We cannot predict the value of your firearm without looking at it. Firearm evaluation depends on a number of factors that cannot be taken into account over the phone. If you would like to know what a firearm is worth, please stop in and one of the staff will be glad to assist you.

Do you charge by the hour to shoot?

No. We have one flat fee to shoot as long as you like. Please see the Ranges page for more information.

Tell me about CCW Shoots and Bowling Pin Shoots.

For Bowling Pin Shoots the format varies from month to month. One match we may shoot is the regular match, consisting of two rails with 4 or 5 pins per rail, a 3' x 4' table with 6 pins, and an accuracy pin that must be shot between two ‘hostage’ pins. The style match usually has 16 to 19 pins that need to be knocked over (rails) and cleared from the table.

Another match might be a ‘compact’ style shoot that has 4 stages, 16 pins total.

Each stage has 4 pins that are knocked over as fast as possible. There might be a ‘bonus’ target that can be hit during one of the stages to lower the time. The type of match is so named because the gun used is classified as snubby, compact or stock based upon barrel length.

All matches are timed, starting from a low-ready, with 10 rounds maximum in the magazine. The means that on the regular match, you must reload as necessary. Revolvers reload as necessary. The pins are from 25 to 40 feet downrange.

Center-fire guns, 9mm or larger, are used as well as .22 rim-fire. When the regular match is shot using a .22, the pins are set to the back of the table.

The cost of the very first run for a new shooter is FREE, after that, the cost is $19.95 for 3 runs. The BP tickets can be used at any current or future BP match.

There are sign-up sheets, before and during the shoot, on the range counter.

For CCW Shoots the course of fire varies from shooting while moving, to shooting from shooting down, to whatever the set up team thinks will be fun but informative.

Have a question you think belongs here? Email us and we will gladly give it consideration for inclusion on this page. Thanks.

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