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AimHi Private Security Training

AimHi-New Albany Shooting Range offers OPOTA Semi-Auto pistol qualification courses and requalification courses on a monthly basis. To register for any of these courses, you may, call (614) 939-4867 Ext. 6.

The 20-hour Initial Qualification course is typically run on a weekend, 4 hours Friday night and 8 a.m. to 4:30p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The cost for the 20-hour course is $229.95. For an additional $49.95, we will include a CCW certification. Our requalification course is $129.95.  The cost of this class INCLUDES ammunition.

The standard Private Security Semi-Auto course is taught except we do all our shooting INDOORS in real low-light conditions using real tactical lights. We keep the classes small so you get individualized instruction when needed.

Additionally since our classes are small we don’t need to run them like a military boot camp. We treat you like adults and train you as such.

Finally, we train how we do – which means you are in charge of your firearm when it comes to carry, immediate action, and employment – we don’t teach one thing on the range for “safety reasons” while telling you that in real life you would perform in a different manner.

You will have two OPOTA required tests during the course, a written test and a shooting test. We will provide you with all the information needed to pass this 20-hour course.

You will need to bring a dependable semi-auto pistol, a holster, one extra magazine and a magazine pouch. The first night of class you will not need to bring anything except your identification.

Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis and must be paid for at the time of sign up. All classes are non-refundable and non-transferable in order to not exclude officers who need to qualify.

Students should bring only their firearm, holster, two magazines and magazine pouch on the first day of the 20-hour course.

**No live ammo is allowed in the classroom at any time**

To register, call (614) 939-4867 Ext. 6


Law Enforcement Range Time

Local law enforcement is always welcome at AimHi-New Albany Shooting Range.

We offer our range and classrooms for departmental training and requalification.

Training at AimHi-New Albany Shooting Range has the following advantages:

  • Year-round training available indoors.
  • Real, low-light shooting – no goggles to pretend it is dark.
  • A light bar available for light or low-light shooting.
  • Ability to schedule times convenient for your department.
  • A convenient location for every department in central Ohio.
  • Pistol Ranges rent for $100 per hour.
  • Classrooms are free.
  • Lounge, snacks and vending machines are available.

If you are shooting in the rain, wearing welding goggles, you should consider joining the eight other Law Enforcement agencies that train and re-qualify with us.

We offer all Law Enforcement Officers a discount of $50 off yearly memberships.

Call 614-939-4867 for more information.

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