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Honest Appraisals & Fair Prices

We are always looking to buy quality used firearms at our New Albany gun store. Bring in your used guns and we will give you an honest appraisal of what the gun is worth. We will also give you a fair price for the gun. Unlike many gun stores in the Columbus Metro area, we don’t try to make a huge profit on used guns by giving you a low price and marking it up exorbitantly. We give you a fair price based on the following factors: Age of the firearm. Condition of the firearm (using the Blue Book criteria.) Local demand for the firearm and the amount of time we have to have it on the shelf before it moves.

AimHi also takes pride in providing quality new guns for our customers. Many customers have asked why we don’t carry certain brands of firearms. The answer is simple. Unlike other gun stores, we have a range where we let you shoot your new gun right away. If we sell you a firearm that is not reliable you will shoot it on the range and immediately return it if it malfunctions. You are unhappy with what we sold you and we are out the money for shipping and repair.

Yes, many gun manufacturers have lifetime warranties. The trick is…you don’t want to have to take advantage of that guarantee, especially if you are using the gun for self defense. We care about what our customers carry and will never sell a gun that does not meet our standards of reliability.

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AimHi Gun Shop

We have a variety of ladies events designed especially for first time female shooters.

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