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Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers

Just wanted to take a few minutes to express kudos for a great Skill Building class with Mike See last night. It was fun, I learned some key things to work on, and the setting was excellent (recognizing that AIMHI was in no way responsible for the late-evening dusting of snow and lowered temps).

Mike was great, and I enjoyed his stories and insight into his background as a competitor, instructor and law enforcement professional. Clearly he's the real deal, and getting to train with him is a privilege. He strikes a natural balance between seizing on "learning opportunities" and allowing students to learn in their own ways, and I think that combination of structure and flexibility really helps with the experience. I really liked his reminders as we saddled up to the lanes about what we learned in the class - he clearly understands the value of repetition in different settings to carve in the concepts.

The venue is great too - starting in the classroom building then moving to the range. Having exclusive access kind of felt like an "Occupy the Range" shoot-in or something <smile>. For some reason I can't remember the name of the AIMHI host, but he was great too - very friendly, helpful and knowledgable. They both pointed out some habits that I'm grateful to now have to work on. Excuses to come back to the range are good things!

A last compliment I'd like to leave you guys with, is how much I appreciate the accepting culture you tend to engender there. While some ranges and stores put off shooters of differing genders, races and politics, AIMHI seems from my perspective to thrive at being a kind of a "bridge," or a "big tent" that doesn't appeal only to dyed-in-the-wool survivalists. It's a place I feel comfortable bringing my daughter and (hopefully soon) my girlfriend who didn't grow up around guns but is now tentatively curious enough to take a Ladies' First Shots class. See what I mean? Without that open atmosphere, it would be tough to lead more people into the fun utility of safe firearm ownership. So again, my strong thanks to you guys for finding what I think is a higher road than some places have been known for.

OK, enough compliments for one evening. That's all ya get. :-)

Thanks again, and see you guys soon. I'll be looking for more classes with Mike and others to keep building skills.

Had a lot of fun and feel a lot better about my ability to use a pistol safely should I find myself in a situation to do so. Let me know about Second Shots. I'd like to take the next one while the first one is still fresh in my mind.


I just wanted to say thanks for all your hospitality and sharing your quality instructors during my 3-day CCW class. Having never fired a shot from a handgun before, I didn't know what to expect, but the decision to enroll in your class was the best thing I could have done prior to making a CCW decision. Although I really enjoyed the range time, the information you provided was just as important to me and I will be a big advocate of your business – even if I decide not to conceal carry. Please pass this along to your staff and know that, for at least 3 nights in a row, I felt like I was in America again ;-)


Hi Nick, I just wanted to drop a quick thank you to you and Bill for three hours well spent last evening. I was told your establishment is the best around and I have to agree. I can tell you enjoyed teaching the class and it takes a special person to take a bunch of nervous women and teach them how to shoot a gun for the first time! I am seriously considering taking the second shots class coming up if there is room. Again, thanks very much, I am definitely recommending this class to other ladies.


I have to say that you and the staff at Aim-Hi have been exceptionally good about about helping me get my Ruger functioning propersly. I appreciate the response you, the gunsmith Kevin Wardle and Vern have given to this problem. Vern spent some time with the gun, did not hurry, and really worked at getting it right. And he was pleasant to work with. Please pass along my thanks to them.

Your customer service is first rate.

Thanks again.

I had never fired a handgun before I took this class and I thought I did well. I got five shots in the center with a 45.
Mary H.

Everyone who is going to handle a firearm in any capacity needs this class – very informative.
Mike M.

I will recommend AimHi to all my friends and definitely become a faithful customer.
John B

Very knowledgeable instructors who imparted the knowledge well.
Bob K.

Absolutely great course. Very educational and interesting. I wish we had more range time.
Sue P.

I am very surprised that I learned a LOT. I thought it was going to be a lot of fluff.
Rick G.

I really enjoyed the content and format of this training. I took the class at another location years back and have to say this was a much better experience. Thanks.
John B.

Thank you so much. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Theresa B.

Very educational. Helped me correct some poor shooting mechanics.
Bob. J.

Just wanted to thank you again for teaching the women's gun class last night. I had such a great time and feel so much more comfortable around guns. Being a single mom, I thought it was important to learn how to handle and use a gun in case I ever have to protect my son or myself! You made the class entertaining and enjoyable. When I heard the class was three hours I was honestly a little nervous. I even thought it might be a little boring! It definitely WAS NOT! You did a great job at interacting with the students, and allowing plenty of hands on time! I look forward to your second class, and once I complete that I hope to buy my first gun! As soon as my son is old enough, he'll be in for the kids class! I was very impressed with your professionalism and the facility! What a great time! Thanks again!

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